How safe is your car

We all start out the same, young maybe still at school with a part time job or no job at all and we get our licence or sometimes even before we get our licence we get our fist car. I still remember my first car, a 1972 Datsun 1200 wagon. That car was 10 years old when I got it and back in those days there was nothing like today, no power steering, air conditioning etc etc. It was pretty cool in that it had an AM/FM radio and bucket seats and the gear lever was on the floor.

Cars have come a long way but I write about this topic because recently my best mate's son rang me and asked if I would show him how to check the oil and water in his car. I was really shocked as he had owned this car for over a year since gaining his red P's.

Not only did he not know how to check the oil and water but didn't know how to check the tyres for air pressure and tread wear, change the wheel or where the maintenance schedule was. After showing him how to check the oil he got his first lesson in car maintenance as we went off to Autobarn to buy oil as his car had none in the engine!

Now you may laugh but in reality I am not surprised as cars these days just seem to start and go no questions ask and when they don't you just pick up your mobile phone and call someone. A far cry from my early days in my datto driving the Hume Highway at night and having to put cardboard or plastic over the front of the radiator so they car would stay warm, I kid you not.

At 123 Drive Right Driving School we make sure all of our students know not only how to drive but also how to do all the basic checks and we give every student a comprehensive hand out that shows them how to perform these checks and change a wheel should they need to.

Similar to my beloved Datto :)

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