Mobile Phones

You know I spend over 40 hours a week on the road either driving around or being driven. It really does surprise me that even with all the advertising and media attention given to driving and using a mobile phone to either text or talk, the number of people I see every day using their mobile phone while they are driving. We have all sen them. You will see the person continually looking down, sometimes they will be travelling slower than everyone else or they will not be able to stay in their lane. THese are all the clues that the driver is distracted by their mobile phone.

Did you know that at 60Kph if you look away from the road at your mobile phone for 2 seconds your car will travel approximately 40 meters and your risk of crashing doubles.

Did you know that it could take up to 45 meters to stop on a dry road and possibly 54 meters to stop on a wet road.

As well as if your caught by the police you may receive a substantial fine and lose 4 demerit points!

This message is simple.......

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